Representing Toronto and Canada at the VEX World Championship for over 4 years

200H - The Powerhouse Club Team

200H is one of two LanceBotics general club teams. The team consists of many new members from all grades, with the most members in grade 9. Last season, this previously three-member team had placed 41st in the Ontario Provincial Championship, and 50th in Robot Skills in Ontario as well. Unfortunately, they were short of their goal of qualifying for the World Championship. This year, the team hopes to qualify and compete at the 2020 VEX World Championship, along with the new, passionate members they recruited this season.

Facts and Achievements

  • Received the Sportsmanship award at the 2019 iDesign Central Toronto Competition

  • Ranked 13th at the 2019 Brampton iDesign Competiton

  • Made up of mostly new members this season, previously a three-member team

  • Ranked 18th at the 2019 iDesign Central Toronto VRC

Meet the Members

Martin Alexiev

200H Team Captain, Builder

My name is Martin Alexiev, and this is my second year in robotics. Last year, I originally began as media taking video as well as making videos for the entire team. Then, I quickly progressed and became a builder for 200X. This year I became Captain of 200H hoping to lead the team to its first ever World Championship. The other extracurriculars I do are ice hockey, yearbook, and DECA in which I am all passionate towards. This is my last year in high school making it my last year in LanceBotics. With that in mind, I’m putting in 200% into this team, making sure we have the best possible season!

Teddy Fong

Builder, Media

Heyo! I’m Teddy, a fourth year member of LanceBotics. I’ve contributed as a jack-of-all trades programmer, builder, media member and web developer on teams 200B, 74747J, 200X and this year, 200H. Outside of robotics, I co-lead the Leaside Chronicle newspaper and co-lead Stage Crew. My goal this year is to usurp the current lead programmer and claim the title for my own, or bring 200H to worlds. Whichever comes first. Graduation marks the end of my LanceBotics career, so I want to make sure to go out with a BANG! Worlds, here we come!

Emanuel Zambelakis


WASUP fellow robotics people, My name is Emanuel Zambelakis and I joined robotics this year. My role on the team is a builder but I can do almost anything. I have not been in any other extracurriculars other than robotics. My goal this season is to help build the robot to the capability of moving past all the competition in provincials and making it to worlds and maybe even win at that but there are no promises cause you have to work hard and have dedication in order to get anywhere near that position. To conclude, I hope to have a great season of working towards our goals but also to have a little fun along the way because you can’t have a good team if there ain’t any fun and games.

Justin Mah

Builder, Programmer

Hi, I’m Justin, and this is my first year in robotics. My roles in 200H are builder and programmer. This will also be my first year as a peer tutor in the school. My goal this season is to gain a strong foundation in robotics and to become an active member in 200H. I’d also like to see our team get to the championship if all goes well. Since this is my first year, I don’t know what to expect, but I’m looking forward to a great season nonetheless!

Owen Lorimer


Hey they're, my name is Owen and this is my first year on robotics. I’m in grade 11 and so far know how to use 2 coding languages which are python and java. My role in 200H is as a programmer. My goals for this season are to understand as much as possible about the new coding language and try and take us to worlds. I’ve heard great things about robotics and I'm excited to compete, hopefully win and get to share a couple laughs with all of you. C-ya later alligator.

David Balan

Builder, Programmer

Hey everyone! My name is David and this is my first year on the Leaside robotics team.I’m in 200H and I signed up for builder and programmer. My goal this season is to learn more about robotics and to help 200H as much as possible. Outside of robotics, I am a part of the Leaside Health Science Club (HOSA) and the Ski Club. In my free time, I like to bike, ski and travel. So far I met a bunch of new friends and developed multiple skills.

John Katsaros

Builder, Photographer

Hey, I’m John, a fourth year LanceBotics member. I started out on the grade nine team, 200B, and then joined - what was then - the three-man LanceBotics team 200H as a builder and photographer and have continued ever since. Outside of robotics, I’m the co-head of stage crew and have also been a peer tutor. This year, I intend to help my team get to worlds and I would also like to claim the highly prestigious title of ‘robot driver’ to first-handedly demolish the competition.

Naveed Mouri-Sheta


Hi, my name is Naveed i’m in grade 10 and this is my first year in robotics. I’m in 200H and I'm a builder. My goal for this year is to make it to worlds. Other than robotics, I take part in stage crew as well as act. Outside of school I ski, play Soccer and game (mainly minecraft). I’m exited about going to my first competition and seeing the bot completed. Peace out!!!!!

Rameen Popal

Builder, Programmer

Hiyoo! My name is Rameen and this is my first year on the leaside robotics team. I work as a builder and programmer, on team 200H. Other than robotics, I love to play soccer, and videogames with friends. This season, along with the rest of my team, I hope to make it to the world championships :) . I hope to have a great time, make lots of new friends, and do my very best this season!

Manny Wong

Builder, Programmer

What’s up! My name is Manny Wong and this is my first year being on LanceBotics. I signed up to be a builder and programmer and luckily I got picked for 200H. I like to play hockey, hang with friends, and play videogames as well. I hope that I can help the team in whatever way needed and like every team’s goal, we hope we can make it to worlds. So far it has been a great experience and the older teammates have helped me to learn all about robotics, so I feel like this will be a great year.

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