Representing Toronto and Canada at the VEX World Championship for over 4 years

Media Team - The Spies in Disguise

From taking pictures at competitions, to posting them on social media and on our website. These members work the spotlight to represent LanceBotics to the world, competing in online challenges, creating reveal videos, and generally keeping everyone up to date on our progress. These members work hard to plan scouting schedules, meetings for the entire LanceBotics family, and make sure all members are in touch through our many team communication platforms. Without a dedicated Media Team, we would not be able to keep ourselves organized. For if it weren't for these members, this website would have been simply a domain name.

Meet the Members

Sam Chowdhury

Media Team Co-Captain, Builder, Scout

Hey! I'm Sam Chowdhury and this is my fourth and last year on LanceBotics. I am one of the Co-Captains for the Media team, build on 200X and am the Lead Scout for all of LanceBotics shared scouting plan. I designed the entire website, as well as wrote some content for it. Apart from robotics, I am on the cross country, track and swim teams in school. This season, my goal is to win at least one of the many Online Challenges so that my team can qualify for the 2020 VEX World Championship! This is my last year of high school, and I plan to make this a fantastic season that I'll never forget.

Jaya Roy

Builder, Media Team Co-Captain

Hey! My name is Jaya Roy, I am in grade 11 at Leaside High school and this is my second year on LanceBotics. I am the other co-captain of the media team and I’m a builder on 200G. Apart from robotics, I am in stage crew, arts council, and law club. I hope to return to the track team this year! This season, my goal is to learn how to be a good media co-captain, help my team get to worlds, and get the highest score in skills of all the LanceBotics teams. I’m excited to get this season started and see what we can accomplish!

Sameer Passi

Engineering Notebook, Writer

Hello, my name is Sameer Passi and I am in Grade 11 at Leaside High School. This is my second year on this VEX robotics team and I am a builder and write the engineering notebook for 200X. Outside of robotics I do DECA, Junior Achievement, Peer Tutoring, Kumon, play piano, flute, and soccer, and I am my school’s student council as treasurer. My goal this season is to qualify for the 2020 VEX World Championships and improve upon our standing from last year. I hope we have a successful season and I am keen to see what we can accomplish.

Sameen Yousuf

Engineering Notebook, Photographer, Writer

Hey, my name is Sameen Yousuf and this is my first year on the LanceBotics team. My role as a member in 200G is to document everything that goes on during meetings, team sessions and competitions in our engineering notebook. Outside of LanceBotics, I am the president of Leaside’s Arts Council, a junior editor in the school Chronicle, and a member of the Drama Club, Yearbook Committee, and Stage Crew. I joined LanceBotics as an attempt to try something new and be a part of something big. This year, I hope to help my team qualify for Worlds and make new friends along the way.

Dasha Akopyan


Hey, my name is Dasha Akopyan and this is my first year on the LanceBotics team as the designated competition photographer. Outside of Robotics, I am co-leader of the Leaside Chronicle and Leaside Concert band, and I participate in Peer Tutoring and Stage Crew. With this year being my only year within Robotics, I hope I’ll get to have great experiences with my team - this includes during competitions and during alone time of course - and to take decent photos for LanceBotics!

Martin Alexiev

200H Team Captain, Builder, Photographer

My name is Martin Alexiev, and this is my second year in robotics. Last year, I originally began as media taking video as well as making videos for the entire team. Then, I quickly progressed and became a builder for 200X. This year I became Captain of 200H hoping to lead the team to its first ever World Championship. The other extracurriculars I do are ice hockey, yearbook, and DECA in which I am all passionate towards. This is my last year in high school making it my last year in LanceBotics. With that in mind, I’m putting in 200% into this team, making sure we have the best possible season!

Teddy Fong

Builder, Media

Heyo! I’m Teddy, a fourth year member of LanceBotics. I’ve contributed as a jack-of-all trades programmer, builder, media member and web developer on teams 200B, 74747J, 200X and this year, 200H. Outside of robotics, I co-lead the Leaside Chronicle newspaper and co-lead Stage Crew. My goal this year is to usurp the current lead programmer and claim the title for my own, or bring 200H to worlds. Whichever comes first. Graduation marks the end of my LanceBotics career, so I want to make sure to go out with a BANG! Worlds, here we come!

Cole Kapitan


Hey, I’m Cole Kapitain and this is my second and last year on the LanceBotics squad. My primary job on the team is to take pictures during build sessions and tournaments, as well as edit the occasional showcase video. I am involved in many extracurriculars at Leaside, including clubs such as Yearbook Club and DECA, and sports teams like rugby, basketball, and track. Last year, one of our teams qualified for the 2019 VEX World Championships, which is something I would love to do this year. I can’t wait to document our best season yet.

Shezan Bhaloo

Builder, Graphic Design

Hey, my name is Shezan Bhaloo. This is my second and last year on Lancebotics. I am a builder, co-runner of social media and a graphic designer for 200X. Last year, I created a logo made specifically for 200X. Aside from robotics, I co-run the trivia club at Leaside called “Reach for the Top”. This year, I would love for our team to win the VEX Worlds Championship! I plan to make this a year I’ll never forget!

Sam Dubiner

Builder, Writer

I’m Sam Dubiner, currently in the eleventh grade at Leaside, and in my first year as a part of the LanceBotics Media team and 200X. I enjoy reading and writing, and I hope to contribute to LanceBotics to the best of my ability. Alongside LanceBotics, I attend Archery Club. From the start of the season, to the moment when I graduate, I hope to hone my writing skills and allow myself to be a valuable asset to the team.

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