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Who we are

LanceBotics is Leaside High School's VEX EDR Team that competes in the VEX Robotics Competition. Since 2013, LanceBotics' ultimate goal is to represent Leaside and Canada internationally. Established in 2013, LanceBotics has never overlooked but maintained STEM education in every aspect of our team. In 3 Robotics Teams, 2 Media Teams and 1 Virtual Worlds Teams, each member has a role to maintain the team's reputation. Our team has advanced to the VEX Worlds Championship 3 years in a row, and each Robot team aims to add another year to the counter.

Sponsorship Information

Unfortunately, the resources that are required to compete in the 2017 - 2018 VEX Robotics Competition season are not free, which is why we rely on the generosity of our sponsors to fund the resources we need to ensure we stay as world-class team. Funds are used on resources listed below:

  • Event Registration
  • Components/Hardware
  • Tools
  • Software Licenses
  • Field and Game Pieces

  • With this support, Lancebotics as a team can continue to build high quality robots that will be able to compete with the Vex Worlds’ best, as well as aim for the number one spot this season.

    To view the sponsorship package, click here. To contact us, please visit our Contact page.

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