Representing Toronto and Canada at the VEX World Championship for over 5 years

Welcome to LanceBotics

LanceBotics is the robotics team of Leaside High School, situated in the Borough of East York in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We compete in the VEX Robotics Competition, in which high school students from around the world build and program robots to compete against each other on a playing field on regional, provincial and international levels. Our initiative is to promote STEM within the Leaside Community by providing an atmosphere similar to STEM careers to provide insight on the ever growing field.

Our team was founded in 2013 by former Leaside students Matthew Gehring, Zach Bolté, Spencer Ploeger, Conner Furneaux and Richard Sultmanis, alongside our former Staff Advisor and Mentor Mr. Vincent Lu, who was previously the Staff Advisor for Team 2505 Electric Sheep situated in Don Mills Collegiate Institute. Without the ambition of our founders, Leaside would have never seen its very own robotics team compete internationally five seasons of the seven we have been a team. We continually thank our student founders as well as Mr. Lu for their continuous support of our team through mentorship, administration, as well as funding for the team.

Last season, our 200X team qualified for the 2020 VEX World Championship by ranking 39th internationally in Robot Skills! Unfortunately due to COVID-19, the 2020 season was cut short before the World Championship. In 2019, 200X had also qualified for the 2019 World Championship, placing 62nd in the most competitive division of the competition, with four wins, six losses and one tie. With over 30 members combined this year, with many new members as well as experienced members, LanceBotics aims to make Leaside, Toronto, as well as Canada proud!

Facts and Achievements

Each year, we aspire to reach appropriate goals, ranging from creating a consistent autonomous program, to qualifying for the World Championship. But the base goal is the same each season: Make our community proud! These achievements are what make LanceBotics a force to be reckoned with.

  • Established in 2013, LanceBotics has qualified for the VEX World Championship five out of the seven seasons we have competed

  • A collective count of 28 awards won at Regional and Provincial competitions

  • Represented by three subteams

  • Involving more girls in STEM through the All-Girl team initiative

  • Four-time Tournament Champions and five-time Tournament Finalists

  • The only Toronto team to represent the city at the 2019 VEX World Championship

  • Over 30 members of the Leaside Community who currently participate on our teams

  • Over 100 LanceBotics Alumni who are in post-secondary education or higher

Our Teams

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Looking to Join LanceBotics?

Unfortunately, our applications are closed for this season. LanceBotics hosts applications for new members twice each year, once in May for current Leaside Students (Grades 9 to 11), as well as once in September for new Leaside grade nines. The applications are only available to those who attend Leaside High School or are part of the Leaside Community. An in-person team interview follows all applications. Application information will be posted here when they are open.

If you have any questions about the application, please email or call us through the contact options available at the bottom of this page.

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