Representing Toronto and Canada at the VEX World Championship for over 5 years

What is VEX?

VEX is a robotics platform to enrich STEM and Robotics education for all ages, and provides the tools and resources needed to create a robot and program it. Their goal is to lead students towards STEM-related futures to meet the global demand. They offer kits along with instructions for beginners, who may eventually build whatever they imagine!

More Than Just a Robot

VEX isn’t just about making robots - it’s about empowering future creators, thinkers, and innovators alike. VEX acts to increase the number of students choosing STEM courses by inspiring youth with Robotics-based curriculum. Over 60 countries and twenty-two thousand 22,000 schools take part in VEX activities, with 24,000 teams competing in VEX Competitions

Preparing Students for Real World Problems

When students face problems, they need to know what to do. By providing learning opportunities to work together to create robots, students are able to develop teamwork, creative, and critical thinking skills. The challenging programs that VEX offers allow students to look at problems from a different perspective - troubleshooting and finding the best possible solution is key. By encouraging students to also work together, every student develops teamplayer abilities that they can apply in real life situations. In LanceBotics' 3 teams , teamwork is never overlooked.

Competing Against the World

The international stage is a big one. Members of Lancebotics and participants of VEX competitions may find themselves competing in the VEX World Championship, a competition that draws out the best in student engineers and programmers. Students can easily become immersed in the intense but engaging competition. A list of competitions Lancebotics will be participating can be found here

The Game - Tower Takeover

The stakes are high, and the stacks are higher. Each year VEX introduces a new challenge that sparks ingenuity within students. This year’s competition is Tower Takeover. Two teams compete to collect and carry cubes to their designated zones. Additionally, there are 7 towers located across the field. Each tower increases the points value of a cube (+1 point) depending on what colour cube is placed within the tower. With a total of 66 cubes evenly divided among 3 colours, Tower Takeover begins with a 15 second automated period, and moves onto a minute and 45 second driver period.

See the Tower Takeover video
Go to the VEX website

Join the Family

We don’t bite. Lancebotics welcomes all future and returning sponsors to the Lancebotics Family. Support allows us to take part in competitions, strengthen our team, and to promote STEM learning. We use funding for:

  • Event Registration
  • Components/Hardware
  • Tools
  • Software Licenses
  • Field and Game Pieces

  • Your support allows us to continue to participate in VEX competitions with high quality robots, and to aim for the number one spot this season.

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